Video Search Engine

May 14, 2007


Don’t know, if you ever heard about a video search engine called PodZinger , a startup in Cambridge, Massachusetts

PodZinger spiders the Web looking for videos and audio files. When it finds a match, it uses voice recognition  to create a rough transcript of the audio, then classifies the content by topic. That’s different from Google and Yahoo’s approach, just scanning a video’s metatags.
Search business is a very competitive area, so good luck there.
But PodZinger can perhaps deliver a very interesting tool for copyright holder.
They will in time be able to track viewership of specific video content on command — the PodZinger technology can verify which content really is watched, and not just how the file was named. So this would make it possible to kick back ad revenues to copyright holders.
Perhaps that’s the missing link for the success of ad supported business models.
We will see….
More about Podzinger on Fast Company .


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