Eric Schmidt Google CEO – Interview – The Cloud Computing Model

May 12, 2007


A few weeks ago the Wired Magazine published an interview with Google CEO Eric Schmidt.
Some statements gave a quite interesting view on the developement of the media industry in the future, although he ist talking about the software industry.

“It’s pretty clear that there’s an architectural shift going on. These occur every 10 or 20 years. The previous architecture was a proprietary network with PC clients called client-server computing. With this new architecture you’re always online; every device can see every application; and the applications are stored in the cloud. It means that your servers are professionally managed, so you can actually have a weekend and not spend all your time trying to manage your servers. It’s like having banks manage your money rather than you managing your money. And the networks have become secure, and the computers have become fast enough that this is mechanically possible – it actually works.”


“We have talked about this network, or the cloud computing model for years, but we were beholden to the old software selling model – the one where the salesperson is making a million-dollar sale. I used to be in this business [when I was at Novell and Sun]. That model doesn’t scale for Internet users. You just can’t get that kind of money out of the average citizen. So the new model allows you to have free services with advertising. And this targeted advertising thing is a really, really big deal.”

And he is even going one step further:

“People call this an Internet operating system. And by “this” I don’t mean Google, I mean the sum of this vision. And if you think about it as an Internet operating system, the Internet operating system will have to have all of the normal features of the older versions of operating systems. It will have to have security, it will have to have caching, it will have to have replication, and it will have to have performance.”

So when we are talking about this future, the cloud computing model… always online… broadband everywhere…. everything is on the server, even your opertating system, your software…
then i think its quite clear, what the answer is to the question: Do we want to own our entertainment content in the future?
Why should i store the biggest music library you ever can have on your local disc?

And Eric Schmidt is even giving an answer for financing this business model:
Free services with advertising – targeted advertising, of course!

The cloud computing model makes the age of access finally happen?


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