I Will Write in German

May 11, 2007

Last weeks I was thinking a lot about the question in which language I should write my thesis.
Now finally I made my decision to write it in German.
There were two important points: Actually my English is still too bad, as you can see. The other point was that most of the literature for the German media market is in German, so it’s a lot easier and faster to write in German.

I know, that`s not perfect, but I hope it makes sense for some guys anyway to read my research here on the English blog. Of course I will try to translate a lot of my research here, or if you are interested in any special stuff please feel free to ask.


One Response to “I Will Write in German”

  1. Norman Says:

    Hello mate,

    Good luck with writing your thesis, I think it is a good idea to write in your own language. Unfortunately I can’t read German. Do you have any idea where I can locate thesis on the U.K consumer magazine industry? It would be of great assistance as the majority of data is from a secondary source.

    Although reports are a primary source access to them are quite expensive.

    Keep on plugging away best of luck.



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