It’s the Idea and the Technology, not a Corporation …

May 10, 2007

You read a lot about the Google / You Tube copyright problems and the thing with Viacom in the last weeks.
But the real problem for the content owners or media firms is not one firm alone, here called You Tube.
It is the technology and the idea of using on this plattforms and the possibilities of this technology.
The principe of the You Tube technology is copied already many times. If you close them, another one will come.
Its similar to the old Napster example. It wasn’t Napster, it is the p2p technology.
One more example?
You Tube is already not anymore the first adress to find intersting “copyright protected” stuff. Much better you go to sites like,,, and These are not You Tube clones, they more something like another subindustry of Web portals that collect and organize links to movies and shows on YouTube clones, offering streaming, on-demand video.
Forbes Magazine describes this model and explains why they will stay in the near future like this:

“That means practically any television show or movie can be dug up on one of these YouTube imitators (…) These two classes of video sites–one that lets users upload videos and another that links them to movies and shows located elsewhere–work together in a careful symbiosis., for instance, links to Lost episodes on Veoh, Scrubs episodes on LiveDigital and kung-fu movies on DailyMotion, bringing in about 500,000 unique visitors a day. The site’s creators, three teenagers living in a suburb of Hamburg, Germany, say they’re making plenty of money, though they won’t say how much. They also say they’re not breaking any copyright laws, since they merely link to content instead of hosting it on their own site.
But there are more practical reasons that sites like get away with what they’re doing. One is that there are simply too many of them to keep track of. Media companies’ lawyers rarely have time to police so many obscure sites, and even when they do, users can always upload the infringing files again. So the flow of copyrighted streaming video continues.”


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