The Record Industry Seems Still Not Open Minded. Protection First!

May 9, 2007

Forbes published a few statements of the record industry on NARM annual convention:
“Just because the music industry has already been hit harder by digital piracy than other entertainment businesses doesn’t mean it should give up the fight to protect its content”, said Michael Nash, Warner’s senior vice president of digital strategy and business development, speaking at the National Association of Recording Merchandisers annual convention.
“No intellectual property business is going to cross the digital divide without figuring out how to protect its content and to ensure that transactions are associated with the acquisition of content,’’ Nash said. “The music industry simply has to solve the content security problem or risk the obsolescence of its business model.’’
Thomas Hesse, president of global digital business and U.S. sales for Sony BMG, quipped that, “We don’t want the whole world to be a college dorm. Because that’s what a no-DRM world looks like–it’s a world in which all product can just be cloned without limitation.”
“It is a step that we would not take lightly,” Marks (from Universal) said, adding that “if further tests prove that this provides us with a net positive sales result, by which I mean sales increase more than piracy, then we will try to work out a reasonable solution.”

Don’t know what to say. They just won’t get it, that you can’t solve the content security problem. There always will be the “free” (perhaps illegal, but free) alternative.
They have to deal with it. Everybody has to.
In a very old paper from a group of microsoft researcher it is explained quite simple, why DRM can’t be completley secure and the darknet will always win sooner or later.
The ship is sinking and they are still waiting for a miracle.


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