Three Screen Consumers

May 4, 2007

Jupiter published a few weeks ago two European Three Screen Reports:

European Three Screen Consumers: Positioning Internet and Mobile Alongside TV
European Three Screen Audiences: Leverage PC and Mobile Opportunity

Unfortunately I’m not able to read it, cause I’m obviously not a Jupiter client (perhaps someone from Jupiter reads this, please, I would love to sneak a peek…), but here what it said to be about… (via Mark Mulligan):

“The first report is primarily targeted at device manufacturers and TV operators, whilst the second is chiefly aimed at content owners and aggregators.
Both reports are based on new European consumer survey data across Internet, Mobile and TV. The key takeaways from the reports are that the new screens will complement, not replace, the TV. Though TV dominates European the video audience, viewing hours are flat and PC and Mobile Phone video consumption is growing. (YouTube isn’t killing the TV audience, it’s adding to the mix). Meanwhile, mobile video consumers are the core Three Screen audience. The reports also look into how demand for different services and technology differ among each audience group.”

It sounds not like a big revolution, but I’m wondering, if they thought about new products, ideas, communities which will be developed out of the technology of YouTube? And what could happen then to TV?
Well, you can’t comment on things you didn’t read.
I love the term “Three Screen Consumer”, and the question which follows?: When will be there just two anymore?
Mark Cuban, yes the guy who pays germanys best basketball player of all times, thinks there will be soon just two anymore: The mobile and the TV.
Well, I don’t know, if the 70” LCD monitor in the livingroom will be called a TV (with a harddrive, user interface and internet connectivity) or if it’s just the big monitor for the PC… Actually i don’t mind, that’s the challenge of the hardware producer, but i agree: There will be just one monitor for entertainment anymore besides the mobile device. (Your homework, management of your bank account or internet research for your next holiday trip will be done on your PC)
What do you think?
And yes, when there will be just one big screen and broadband access in the livingrooms, there will be no difference for the consumer anymore, if it’s something from the internet like a YouTube platform, or a subscription service for hollywood movies or from any digital plattforms.
So who will win the race? ISPs (the internet) or the digital platforms?
More content will be definetely on the internet, (at first) a better quality on the digital platforms…
But there will be much more open questions:
Who will have the better pricing model?
Who can personalise the program better?
Who can deliver the better customer experience?
Who can licence/finance the better content?
And don’t forget: When there is the internet, there is always the “free” alternative. Legal or not…
So should the internet win the challenge, the industry faces all the same problems, that the music industry deals with now.


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