Apple Thinks We Want to Own Music… I Don’t

May 1, 2007


Will Apple offer a music subscription service? No, not if Steve Jobs’ comments to Reuters in any indication. Jobs said, “Never say never, but customers don’t seem to be interested in it. The subscription model has failed so far. … People want to own their music.” (Reuters) <via Coolfer>

I read this today and can’t believe it.
That’s definitely one of my points, why i will write this thesis. Customer behavior will change Mr. Jobs!
Ok, I’m not the CEO of a …. But anyway, I’m sure!
There is no need to own music in future. Music is nearly and will be ubiquitous available. You can get your music whereever, whenever you want. And don´t forget, you even can get the music for free. legal or not… another discussion, but you can. So first question: Why should I pay for digital music? There are many good reasons… cause I like to find and download music fast and secure, I like to get it in good quality, I like to have a great interface design and shopping experience, I like to get it presented in a new interesting, entertaining context, and yes perhaps I like to have good karma and get it legal… but believe me, there is no reason in future why I should buy it, own it.
Its just the access to the content and the service, what the users will be paying for.
But thats just one point.
The other thing is, that you only can make money with goods like music, when you sell it in bundles. The long play cd or record was the perfect bundle for the music industry for decades. Now in the age of the digital distribution this bundle is not interesting enough for the users. So don’t stop offering bundles just start making more interesting bundles for the customers, make bigger bundles. The subscription service is definetely one option. Think about it.
Iam leaning wide out of the window with this statement… i know… but I will try to show you more arguments and more detail in “the book”.


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