Amazon Music Downloadstore?

May 1, 2007


A lot of news on this theme in the last days.
Why? The same question asks Mark Mulligan from Jupiter.
He thinks Amazon will have a big chance and calls Amazon the sleeping giant of the digital music market, that can bring the breakthrough to the mainstream online.

Iam not sure. They definitely need a new, a better product design, than the state of the art. That means solve the pricing problem and the DRM problem and deliver a great customer experience. If they try to copy the model from ITunes, it won’t be enough.
A big brand and the access to a lot of music buyer/user is great, but i think not sufficient.
There will be one simple question, they have to answer every single customer:
Why should I buy my music digital to the same price, than someone who gets a day later a cd with artwork?
The competition of the digital product to the analog product is in no place harder than at

Make that sense?


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